"Zaszkaliczky makes music when she portrays. The contrast between picture and background creates the perfect rhythm for the overall painting
that is at the same time great in technique and unique in conception."

Art Daily News International Magazine, Contemporary Art Projects USA
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“Portrait painting is the field where the technical skills of the artist are put to the test the most. Years of practice and education has helped me to reach the level where I am able to paint anybody’s portrait. I acquired the technique of classic portrait painting, which I learned from Russian experts. Later George Gheorghe, the restorer of the National Museum of Bucharest, became my mentor, who taught me the painting technique of Caravaggio.”
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International Digital Art Exhibition, Van...
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Aukció a Vaszary Galériában 2022
Kiállítás helyszíne: Vaszary Galéria, Balatonfüred Aukció helyszíne: Vaszary Galéria, Balatonfüred Időpont: 2022.08.13. 18:00 Helyszín: Vaszary Galéria, Balatonfüred
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A view on contemporary art...
The art platform G.ART Gallery continues the exploration of contemporary art in Eastern Europe. This time, the team at the platform travelled to Hungary.
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