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Portrait painting is the field where the technical skills of the artist are put to the test the most. Years of practice and education has helped me to reach the level where I am able to paint anybody’s portrait. I acquired the technique of classic portrait painting, which I learned from Russian experts. Later George Gheorghe, the restorer of the National Museum of Bucharest, became my mentor, who taught me the painting technique of Caravaggio. Therefore, when creating a portrait I use the methods of Caravaggio and the masters of old age as well. However, for me a portrait means much more than only a technical challenge. Besides the appearance, the real objective here is the visualization of the character, the human being and the soul, which is present on every face and expression. The portraits thus awaken with an ethereal complexion and we find ourselves gazed upon by the eternal and the unique.

An oil painting takes about 3-4 weeks to complete, depending on complexity, size and number of subjects.

Of course, there are other methods are available: pastel, pencil drawing.




The sizes below are the most common, custom sizes are available as per request.

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Wedding of Karoliina and Jukka, 90x100 cm, oil on canvas

Portrait of Milko Vesalainen, flautist and visual artist, 90x100 cm, oil on canvas, 2016